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First State Trust Company
Service. Redefined.

First State Trust Company (FSTC), located in Wilmington, Delaware, has been providing trust, custody, and administration services for more than 30 years. Formerly known as Citi Institutional Trust Company, our core business model is building strategic partnerships with Financial Advisors across the country to provide clients with modern and industry-leading trust solutions.

Our Clients

FSTC provides professional trust administration services for both Personal and Institutional clients. Individuals, couples, and families have varying needs over their lifetimes and beyond to manage and fulfill their financial goals. Companies, institutions, and other entities also have financial goals and obligations that often require specialized trust and reporting services. FSTC can help by serving as trustee, agent, or custodian –  both in a discretionary and non- discretionary manner.

Services We Offer

FSTC’s solution is a partnership between the client, the client’s advisors, and our trust administration services team. It’s that simple.  Our advisor friendly services for both personal and institutional trusts can include: Corporate Trustee Services; Fiduciary Services for Discretionary Trusts; Custodial Services or Approved Sub-Custodial Platforms;  Distributions, Bill-Pay and Benefit Payments Services; Certified Trust Statements and Employee Benefit Plan Reporting; Principal and Income Accounting; Tax Preparation and Filing; and Dedicated Trust Officer Support.

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